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Update 16 August 2016


Size: 72M

New Description, see below .

Update 16 August 2016

Version: 1.29

Size: 141M

New Description, see below .


New Description with introduction of new character:

New in Version 1.29
It's hard to imagine a more pitiless, monstrous tyrant than Megatron, but GALVATRON is it.

He's Megatron to the nth degree and even more powerful than his past/former self. Remade by Unicron, Galvatron's conceit and thirst for conquest and dominance are second to none. He is power personified, an unstoppable force that knows no upper limit when it comes to sheer mayhem and carnage.

Pitted against him is a soldier, law enforcer, staunch defender of Autobot principles, ULTRA MAGNUS is all these things and more.

But while he is comfortable following orders, he isn't as happy giving them. Can he stop Galvatron? The mantle of leadership doesn't sit easily on his shoulders, though with his indomitable courage and gift for battlefield improvisation under fire, he could be the perfect choice...

Base on the announcement, sometimes the update is not immediately roll-out because the updates can be run base-on the content updates. The list of detail updates as below.

Updates Date
New Autobots: Ultra Magnus
New Decepticons: Galvatron


  • You can only target Air or Ground single target Ability when the object is in the area circle target. Previous version can target the object even if the object not fully inside the area circle.

UI changes

  • Picture updated
Before 1.0.29 Current 1.0.29 (16 August 2016)
New Loading Screen
Wallpaper 0003 company
Wallpaper 0003 company v129
New Autobots Pre Battle Screen
Wallpaper 0007 intercept d
Wallpaper 0007 intercept d v129
New Decepticons Pre Battle Screen
New User Interface Button for Ranking
Ui ranking old
Ui ranking
New User Interface Button for Alliance
Ui alliance old
Ui alliance
New User Interface Button for Battle
Ui battle old
Ui battle
New User Interface Button for Menu
Ui menu old
Ui menu
New User Interface Button for Build
Ui build old
Ui build
  • Increase Fusion Bomb Range
  • Added a "Max Level" and "Needs Research" label to bots in the team screen


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