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Base on the announcement, sometimes the update is not immediately roll-out because the updates can be run base-on the content updates. The list of detail updates as below.

Updates Date
New Autobots: Autobot Jazz 6 April 2016
New Autobots: Powerglide 6 April 2016
New Autobots: Air Raid 6 April 2016
New Decepticons: Firefly 6 April 2016
New Decepticons: Bonecrusher 6 April 2016
New Decepticons: Scavenger 6 April 2016
New Decepticons: Mixmaster 6 April 2016
New Decepticons: Slipstream 6 April 2016
The Space Bridge delivers MULTIPLE REWARDS when you receive an Autobot or Decepticon you already own: Energon, Alloy, Crystal Shards & Spark! 6 April 2016
Crystal Shards: Can be exchanged for special character crystals 6 April 2016
New Specialist Class: Incorporates Scouts, Leaders & Deployers 6 April 2016
Scouts (including Bumblebee & Skrapnel) disable defences that they are attacking. Their ability allows them to escape from danger. 6 April 2016
New special abilities to uncover. Pay attention to both new Transformers characters as well as your existing favorites! 6 April 2016
We have reduced the Energon cost of HQ upgrades and other buildings. 6 April 2016


UI changes

  • LEADERBOARDS: Compare yourself and your alliance with players worldwide


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