Upgrade the shuttle to increase the number of bots you can take into battle.


The first Shuttle Upgrade requires you to have 3 unique Transformers and is part of the tutorial mode.

Until reaching Shuttle Level 3 (Capacity 4), you have to select your Transformers for every attack. As soon as you start the upgrade to Shuttle Level 3, the Shuttle remembers the last selection, as long as those Transformers are currently available (not in the Research Lab or on Cooldown).

lvl HQ Capacity Alloy Cost Energon Cost Time Rank Points
1 1 2
2 1 3 150 220 3m 15
3 3 4 4,500 15m 45
4 6 5 55,000 8h
5 8 6 100,000
6 11 7 490,000 3d 165?

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