There are some issue related with the games.

Below are some thing that you can check before confirming that it's a bug or problem.

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Some of the problem can be solve temporarily and hopefully there will be permanent solution in the next Version. If no explanation, it's assume the problem is in both platform.

No Topic Remark (Solution) Solve
1 Missing Battle Points First reported in the More Than Meets The Eye . The points is only visible missing but the points still calculated normaly. Restarting the game sometimes recalculated the display correctly.

see SpaceApe FAQ

2 Missing Fonts Sometimes if the Internet slow or the games reload in and out from the system, all the fonts is missing. Restarting the game sometimes show the fonts again. Or delete the content and redownload again.

Problem 0002

3 Silhoutte Bot and Buildings There are cases where the bots and / or the buildings become black silhouttes. Usually restarting will solve the issue.

Problem 0003

thanks to Line Friend Yoast

4 Multiple Bot There are sometimes multiple Sunstreakers (5 in the below pictures) or Arcees reported.

Problem 0004

thanks to Line Friend Yoast