Ui news 2016-06-23 event
Event Name More Than Meets The Eye
Time 23 Jun 2016, 14:00 UTC - 28 Jun 2016, 14:00 UTC
Period 5 d
Prestige 3 Ui resource Prestige


Ui event pre more than meet the eye a
  • Reach Headquarters Level 4
  • Tap the new Events Button
  • Select an Event Battlezone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather the Battle Points! Ui resource BattlePoints
  • Collect prizes!
Ui event requirement a
Ui event requirement d


Ui event more than meet the eye battle info a
Ui resource Prestige
Maximum is 3 Prestige Level. So in this event, player can only finish 3 Set of prizes, and then the event will be automatically Ending.


Ui event more than meet the eye info a


You have to do battle to earn "Battle Points" Ui resource BattlePoints. The battle points in each checkpoint will reward with many things.

Prize Battle Points Required
Ui event node energon a
5,000 Energon 500 Ui resource BattlePoints
Ui event node mixed boost crystal a
1 x Mixed Boost Crystal 1,000 Ui resource BattlePoints
Ui event node 3starshard a
120 x 3 Star Crystal Shard 1,500 Ui resource BattlePoints
Ui event node spark a
1,500 Spark 2,000 Ui resource BattlePoints
Ui event node top more than meet the eye a
Premium Character Crystal 2,500 Ui resource BattlePoints
  • If the battle points accumulated is more that the checkpoint level, the point will be keep accumulated to the next checkpoint or next prestige level.

Premium Crystal

Crystal premium
Premium Character Crystal is the top prize every set, and it can be claimed in Space Bridge and provides a chance to get:
  • Majority chances is in Battle Boost,
  • Various amount of Spark and
  • Any random Autobots or Decepticons in Ui bot 2starUi bot 2star or above


  • Before the event starts, the new Event button can be use to check if the player eligible to join the event
  • The new event button comes with the timer.
  • Participate in the Event Battle Zone will give you Ui resource BattlePoints Battle Points with Ui resource xp Experience but no Resource (Ui resource Energon and Ui resource Alloy) and no Ui resource Medals.
  • In order to claim the reward Alloy and Energon, you have to go to Menu >> Inventory and use the resource to claim it.
  • In Russian the event was called "Новый дух, новый облик" ("New spirit, new look").

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