Transformers factions

In "Transformers: Earth Wars" there are two factions.

Autobots and Decepticons

Both factions have identical buildings with different flair colors and similar Transformers with distinct designs. After choosing a faction you can not change this decision without starting a new game. The Campaign and all the bots are created equal between factions, so all bots have their own twin in the other faction.

Autobots Decepticons
F autobots F decepticons
In search of unity and harmony, the Autobots believe all sentient beings have their place in the universe and deserve to live peacefully. 'Til all are one! The Decepticons will stop at nothing to protect their home planet of Cybertron... even at the expense of other sentient beings. Peace through tyranny!
Lead by Optimus Prime Lead by Megatron
Color theme using Red Color theme using Purple

Earths's Fate is in your hands


  • Currently there is no information about the number of each player in each faction population.
  • At the moment, the game by default is not allow to choose both faction in account.
  • The Campaign are the similar in resource with only difference is in the dialogs story line and bot reward.
  • All bots have their own twin bot in the other faction. In the current situation, SpaceApe as developer always introduce both faction equally. For example introduction of Arcee for Autobots and Nightbird for Decepticons.