Though physically one of the smaller Autobots, Cliffjumper has the gung ho attitude of much bigger 'bots and an impatient, straining-at-the-leash growl of 'let me at 'em' can be heard prior to any engagement with the enemy.

His eagerness and daring have no equal, but he does tend towards impulsiveness, especially when it comes to any kind of softly-softly approach.

Cliffjumper is prone to go through things rather than over or around them.


Ui c gunner Gunner - Can shoot over walls and bombard a big area from afar. Deadly but vulnerable!


See Research Lab.

Name Description Remarks
A glass gas rockets 00 Glass Gas Rockets Shoots out 4 rockets that deal damage and engulf an area in Glass Gas, making all targets take an extra 40% damage for several secons. First Launch