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There are items that can be found in the Space Bridge. The item called Battle Boost and can be use in the battle against enemy.
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How to Get

There are some crystal that can be use in Space Bridge that can reward Battle Boost, which are:

Crystal free
Free Crystal
Crystal premium
Premium Crystal
Crystal mixed boost
Mixed Battle Boost

How to View

To see the list of Battle Boost that you have, go to Menu >> Inventory.

Ui menu
Ui menu inventory a
Ui menu inventory d

You can also view Resources as Currency deposit that have to be claim to be use from this screen.

How to Use

In the battle screen, there will be a random battle boost that you have in the right bottom area.

Press the "?" before deploying the squad bots to choose the other Battle Boost

After the squad bot deployed in the green area, the battle boost cannot be change.

  • To use it, press the Battle Boost icon and then target the area needed.
  • To unselect that targeting mode, press again the Battle Boost or press other Ability.

Inventory List

Here is the list of Battle Boost. All the Battle Boost have 3 variation from Mk1 to Mk3 with increase damage or increase effect.

MK 1 MK 2 MK 3
Bb emp blastEMP Blast Disables all building in small area for 3 seconds. medium area for 4 seconds. large area for 5 seconds.
Bb field repairsField Repairs Repair all friendly bots in an area for 250 health over 5 seconds 375 health over 5 seconds 600 health over 5 seconds.
Bb incendiary barrageIncendiary Barrage Fire a barrage of incendiary rockets upon an area dealing 120-160 damage over 10 seconds. 180-240 damage over 10 seconds. 300-360 damage over 10 seconds.
Bb orbital strikeOrbital Strike Strike down from the orbit dealing 140-175 damage in a small area 250-300 damage in a medium area 375-450 damage in a medium area.
Bb smart bombSmart Bomb Call for a precision strike dealing 250 damage to a single target. 400 damage to a single target. 600 damage to a single target.


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