Ui battle title a
Ui battle
There are two battle modes. "Campaign" (a story mode) and "Attack A Rival Player" (Player versus Player / PVP).

Game Modes

Ui battle campaign a
The Campaign consists of a number of preset scenarios against predefined bases with special story objectives and the player is rewarded for certain steps of his progress with special crystals.
Ui battle attack a
The Attack A Rival Player (PvP Mode) allows the player to start searching for other player bases to attack for resources, experience and medals. There are many Battle Zones depends of the level of the Scanner.

Winning against player in lower ranking Battle Zone will only give smaller amount of Ui resource Energon Energon and Ui resource Alloy Alloy while losing will risking large amount of your Ui resource Medals Medal.

Winning against player in higher ranking Battle Zone will give big amount of Ui resource Energon Energon and Ui resource Alloy Alloy and Ui resource Medals Medals while losing will risking only small amount of your Ui resource Medals Medal.

The enemy is choosen base on your medals ranking and the resource that are in the limit of the Battle Zone. **Assumption**

Other Modes

Ui league junkion a
Alliance War allow your alliance to do war between alliance and get large amount of Resources base on your Alliance League level.
Ui event start
Events Battle Zones are battle zone that are created especially for the event battle only. Usually have different requirements and rewards and automatically open all zone no matter what level is your Scanner.


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